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The Awakening - orchestra SCORE, by Todd Goodman

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UPC: WNM11901
Composer: Todd Goodman
Year Written: 2019
Ensemble: Orchestra


SCORED FOR: piccolo, 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets in Bb, 2 bassoons, 4 horns in F, 3 trumpets in C, 3 trombones, tuba, timpani, 3 percussionists, piano, harp, strings.

TOTAL TIME: [5:00]

The Awakening is an orchestral tone poem commissioned by Kelly Detwiler and Stephanie Everett, hosts of the 2019 Western Region Orchestra of the Pennsylvania Music Educators’ Association.

When we set out to solve a difficult problem, we often go through a process of trial and error, which yields numerous moments of doubt. Although these moments can be quite difficult, they can produce some of our most creative and productive work. As we work through our numerous solutions and filter out the bad ideas, a wonderful moment happens in the process— when we realize that what we have created actually works. This piece is about that journey.

Conductor score is 11x 14.

From Conductor Scott Laird:
"The Awakening, by Todd Goodman is a thrilling work for full orchestra that inspires the imaginations of musicians and audiences alike. Based on two primary motives, Goodman effectively weaves each throughout the various twists and turns of the work, providing a wonderful tapestry of 'tension and release' for the musicians to reveal to the listener. There are wonderful opportunities for the percussion and low brass sections to shine throughout the work. I strongly recommend this work and am sure I will program it for years to come."

The Awakening on YOUTUBE:


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