Wanderlust - horn (or euphonium), tuba, and piano, by Todd Goodman

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SCORED FOR: horn in F, tuba, and piano. TOTAL TIME: [6:00]
part also included: euphonium (substitute for horn in F)

Also available: clarinet, bass clarinet, and piano


a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.

Traveling has always been a very important aspect of my life. The ability to experience new, wonderful places, try new foods, and to get the chance to meet people who look, sound, act, and think differently than me has become not just a passion but a need. Wanderlust is a piece that tells the story of a group of travelers who embark on a long-awaited journey. The piece, in three main sections, starts with very fun, whimsical music which depicts the excitement and jovial beginning to most anticipated trips. A jarring chord at the opening gives one a sense of unease, although it is quickly interrupted by a short, rhythmic motif heard in the piano. This motif then travels throughout the trio, being passed from player to player quickly and often fragmented. As the piece develops and the journey continues, the trio takes time to reflect on their surroundings. After each stop, they begin a new, yet similar journey, reminiscing on the music from the opening. The piece ends with a beautiful reflection of the entire journey before finally, yet peacefully returning home.

Todd Goodman’s Wanderlust for horn, tuba, and piano was commissioned by Eastern Standard—Heidi Lucas, horn; Zach Collins, tuba; and Jacob Ertl, piano



Wanderlust is the title piece of Eastern Standard's newest album--released in February 2019.
Available on these streaming services:

Todd Goodman's Wanderlust Todd Goodman's Wanderlust

Soundcloud is below.

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