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These Valleys Never Heard - solo piano, by Todd Goodman

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UPC: WNM40401
Brand: Wrong Note Media
Composer: Todd Goodman
Year Written: 2004
Type: Solo Piano
Parts: Score included


SCORED FOR: solo piano. TOTAL TIME: [9:10]


I wrote These Valleys Never Heard in 2004 while working on my master’s degree at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with the remarkable David Stock. Having arrived at Duquesne with an already substantial catalog of mainly tonal-ish works, David encouraged me to work on expanding my compositional vocabulary by experimenting with different languages and compositional systems. Being the bull-headed student, I rebelled for a quite some time, but eventually gave in—writing the second movement of this piece in a few hours. My goal was to write a 12-tone work that didn’t exactly follow the rules of 12-tone. There is a row, yes, but I adapted the rules so that I can at any time go back to pitch zero without having to complete the entire row. I enjoyed the piece—which is now the second movement—so much, I decided to expand it by writing three more movements. The title These Valleys Never Heard comes from the fact that up until this point in my writing, the valleys in western Pennsylvania had never heard music like this come from my pen.

Each movement is unique in energy, but the harmonic language is the same. The first movement is exciting and triumphant, while the second is subtle and calm. The third is very anxious and busy, and the fourth is celebratory.

Todd Goodman’s These Valleys Never Heard was premiered by Christine Murphy at the Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center in Midland, Pennsylvania, in 2008.


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